Call to innovation: Wanted Greenhouse Expert!

Case to build the greenhouse projects Southeast Asia tropical crops:

Region: SEA, Tropical climate
Trial / Pilot: 1500m2
Scalability: Thailand primary, Southeast Asia

Asia’s advanced sugar industry company leading Sugar Company considers using smart greenhouse technology. Sugarcane seedlings and breeding are grown in greenhouses across the region, meaning a significant production step of Southeast Asia major crop is conducted indoors and would have significant advantages with smart climate controlled technology:

The trial space is approximately 1500m2. This is the basis for further scalability throughout the Southeast Asian region. Papers pertaining to young sugarcane seedlings need to include the following KPIs:

  • Co2 utilization for sustainable purposes and accelerated growth
  • Disease-free growing technology is required
  • Environmental isolation for experimental handling
  • Scalability, Systems or Solutions easy to scale
  • Service and support is a must

Horti Asia invites qualified experts based on approved papers to ‘Horti Asia Innovation pitch’ Pitch is attended by final decision makers. Summit Paper to