Cropalyser, the app to analyse your crop

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the app to analyse your crop

Bejo’s Cropalyser is a practical tool to easily identify major pests, diseases and disorders in vegetable crops. The app currently offers information on the health and growth of the crops: Carrots, Onions, Brassicas, Red Beet, Radicchio and Celeriac/Celery. Frequently new crops are added.

The app is available for Apple, Android and Windows devices, go to or try the Cropalyser at the stand of Bejo in the Dutch Pavilion, stand number E7.

Cropalyse, the search function

With the app Bejo has digitized her knowledge sharing with growers, farmers and other relations to comply with the increasing use of smartphones and tablets among this group. This practical tool uses the “Cropalyse” function to assist in identifying major pests, diseases and disorders in your crop. Included under pests, diseases and disorders are bacteria, fungi, insects, nematodes, viruses and nutrient disorders.

By answering questions about symptoms you are guided to the possible pests or diseases. An explanation, development and symptoms of the pest or disease are given as well as suggestions for controlling and preventing the disease or pest. For additional advise a handy contact feature is included, which, based on your location, can directly contact your local Bejo office, via email or phone.

Used worldwide

The app has proven to be a useful tool for farmers, growers and others worldwide. Since the launch of the Cropalyser in 2014 it has been downloaded more than 10.000 times in 132 different countries. The standard language is English and on request the app has been made available in many languages and additional languages are frequently added. Based on your location the local language is automatically installed. The app is continuously updated and additional crops are added annually.

The app can be tested at the Bejo stand in the Dutch Pavilion, stand number E7, or download it directly from to start analysing your crops.