Dutch Agri-Tech & Trade ready to offer a suitable horticulture solution for local farmer in Thailand

A trend that we start noticing is another shift in the companies that are already working with more advanced technologies. Slowly there is another group rising out of the companies that have started to use greenhouse technology over the last decade. This group is filling a market demand for premium quality produce with require a premium production process. These companies are acknowledging the fact that they have to be in control of more variables and are moving in to more computerized and automatic greenhouse control systems.

Besides the earlier mentioned food safety problem, the biggest problem in the horticultural industry is what makes this country so good to live in; the climate! Even though everything seems to be growing by itself, the extreme heat in 4 months of the year and heavy rains and humid conditions for 6 months of the year makes Thailand a difficult place to grow high quality vegetables, in stable quantities in a consistent year round supply.

Our company ASA has acknowledged this fact and specialized ourselves and our technology in overcoming this major hurdle. Whether it is sun intensity, extreme heat, humidity or ventilation problems, our company can offer a suitable solution tailored to the climate we have to deal with. In contrast with other companies, that mostly supply technology that was designed for other climatically situation, we have designed all of our technology based on the actual growing and climate experience in South East Asia.

D.A.T.T. Co., Ltd. offers local farmers and investors the opportunity to gap the bridge between traditional farming and the future way, using technology. Our company has selected very specific partners in the industry, that each offer a crucial part in the total concept of irrigation, climate control, fertigation control growing systems. The unique thing is that all of our partners have been flexible enough to adapt their western technology to the circumstances in Asia… Our company ASA offers therefor a ‘One Stop shop’ for people in the industry. We have developed a central control system, with each and every component compatible, to optimize functionality and efficiency.

See you at Horti ASIA 2017, 15-17 March at booth no. C7

Mr.Thomas Ruiter  – Production Director

D.A.T.T. Co., Ltd.