Soil – Florabalt Seed 2 & Floradur Traysubstrate

1. Florabalt Seed 2- Professional propagation substrate

Substrate with fine structure for seeding vegetables in plugs and trays. Perfect mixture of black peat with high water capacity and good buffer capacity and white peat for better air capacity. With limited fertilization, easy rooting and no salt stress. Contains micro elements and wetting agent Flora –Instant plus.

2. Floradur Traysubstrate with 1,5 kg /m³ PG-Mix 18-10-20

For seeding and pricking out of salt tolerant plants. Usable in plugs and trays for salt tolerant vegetables. Easy processing on filling lines. Substrate with fine structure. Well combined mixture of German black peat and German white peat. High starting fertilization with 1,5 kg /m³ PG-Mix 18-10-20.

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