FM AGTECH was founded in 1998 with the aim of developing agricultural products using fermented microorganisms. The company has been developing microbial agents for eco-friendly agricultural products from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. FM AGTECH has contributed to the production of environmentally friendly agriculture, safe agricultural products, and recovery of soil microorganisms by producing fermented microorganism for the first time in the Korean farming industry.

In 2000, it launched a fermented organic calcium product using fermented microorganisms for the first time and received the Prime Minister’s Award in 2004. Despite causing long-term damage to fish farms and coastal fisheries due to its persistent life force, starfish is a nutritious mass containing high calcium, minerals, and proteins In pursuit of both environmental protection and producing natural organic fertilizer by recycling nutrients, FM AGTECH has been devoted to R&D for a long time since its establishment. As a result, the company has succeeded in producing Bulgasari Organic Calcium through organic liquefaction along with the biological and chemical treatment of inorganic calcium obtained from starfish. Bulgasari Organic Calcium is absorbed quickly without any side effects and with little incompatibility with other elements. There are other effects such as promotion of growth, enhanced coloration, coloring, and maturity. Currently, it is exported to various countries including China, Vietnam, and Japan, etc.