The Government of the Netherlands All Set to Showcase Horticultural Innovations in Asia

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Bangkok-Frankfurt: February 15, 2017

VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. has joined hands with the government of the Netherlands in light of organizing the “Afternoon Tea Talk with the Netherlands Ambassador to Thailand on the Direction of Agricultural Market in Asia” at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bangkok, Thailand on February 15, 2017. In the event, Chargé d’affaires of the Dutch Embassy His Excellency Mr. Paul Mengfel was kind enough to welcome all members of the press and media, as well as several honorable guests and dignitaries, to the comfort of his residence for an in-depth discussion as to why such a relatively small nation as the Netherlands has eventually become a global leader exemplifying the world’s largest horticultural exporter, as well as revealing the state-of-the-art technological developments from more than 30 companies from the Netherlands, all of which have been brought upon the display particularly for Asian entrepreneurial visitors at the Horti ASIA 2017 event. In addition, both public and private sectors in Thailand, i.e. the Department of Agricultural Extension, the Department of Agriculture,  the Conservation and Development of Coconut Oil of Thailand Forum, the Horticultural Science Society of Thailand, as well as the major sponsor of quality trade shows and exhibitions “Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)”, are also scheduled to be participatory in the talk on the role of the public and private sectors in playing a part in stimulating Thailand’s domestic agricultural economy via the instrumentalization of the Horti ASIA 2017 event, which is the international trade show for smart horticultural and floricultural technology and innovation, to be held from March 15-17, 2017 at BITEC, Bangkok. (Those who wish to join the event may register online.)

Prior to the tenure in Thailand, His Excellency Mr. Paul Mengfel, Chargé d’affaires of the Dutch Embassy, had had the diplomatic experience in Asian countries, i.e. South Korea and China, both of which are considered to be major manufacturers and illustrious importers for the agricultural market in Asia. According to HE, the Netherlands is the smallest country and the most densely populated country in the world, as well as an outstanding agricultural manufacturer with the largest amount of production in terms of capacity and the force (of production). Agricultural and horticultural industry in the Netherlands collectively differs from the world’s average due to the country’s status of the world’s leader in the aforementioned discipline, whereby value is to be systematically and robustly added to the country’s exportations, which garner great interest in the European Union. The most significant variable with respect to great success of the agricultural and horticultural industry in the Netherlands lies in the nonpareil of vigorous cooperation among the industry in question, the government, the educational sector and a number of research institutes. The aforementioned of which have placed importance upon the basilica of cooperation and innovation by working together and with the well-designed so-called Greenport strategy in order that there exist six certain, strategically significant, geographic locations designated for horticultural activities in which commercial transactions are to be carried out, and which collectively serve as the center of transportation; not to mention technological innovation for automated production, energy reduction and space (area) efficiency, all of which make for notable characteristics of the Netherlands’ greenhouse industry, which calls for challenges in any given ever-changing, highly competitive market. The government of the Netherlands provides support in terms of product innovation development by means of tax-related benefits to Dutch companies. Several innovation businesses have proven to be of use in terms of providing solutions to major problems which include food safety, the issues related to elderly people, as well as fatal illnesses. Given the development of new products, and with the access to certain new-found markets, innovations will help to stimulate economic growth and to increase the number of employments. That is the reason that the government (of the Netherlands) has provided grants to entrepreneurs in the ‘innovation’ discipline, with the objectives to enable fine creations of innovative products and services alike into market but in no time. Horti ASIA 2017 epitomizes one of the most illustrious trade shows for agricultural and horticultural innovations in which those being involved in the industry across Asian continent, especially Southeast Asia, will be provided with the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge, as well as invaluable experiences, with the Dutch counterparts and other leading figures in horticulture worldwide. In March this year, more than 30 companies specializing in the horticultural sector from the Netherlands will showcase their innovations and the likes at Horti ASIA 2017 in Bangkok.

One of the important highlights in this event is the 2nd International Conference on Coconut Oil (ICCO), the theme of which, according to Dr.Narong Chomchalow, the President of the Conservation and Development of Coconut Oil of Thailand Forum, this year in particular, will be as follows: “Development of coconut oil into quality products.”, as well as providing updates on how to make use of coconut oil and the alternative medicine at present. The conference will witness updates upon the current situation of coconut oil production across the globe, health-related and beauty-related coconut products, the ways to benefit from coconut oil to its fullest, all whilst being in compliance with international standards, quality and safety. In addition, there will be an overview of market analysis regarding coconut oil production, as well as the production trend and market trend in Asia Pacific region and South America, such as India, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Jamaica, Samoa, Fiji and Thailand. Furthermore, there will be local seminars being held by guest speakers who are experts in the field such as Mr.Parnthep Puapongpan,  Mr.Krai Martpimol et al; there are also a series of training sessions and demonstrations in the so-called coconut pavilion such as how to produce coconut oil, and the benefits of coconut oil, the latter including the use of coconut oil in soap-making, cosmetics production, etc; there are also coconut product exhibitions by Thailand’s coconut-related business entrepreneurs. The aforementioned conference will be held in the Horti ASIA 2017 event. For more information, please contact Khun Piyanuch Nahka at telephone number 02-579-8553 ext. 116 or mobile phone number 081-907-6821.

Mr.Viratch Chantarasamee, Vice President of the Horticultural Science Society of Thailand has congratulated VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd for organizing the Horti ASIA 2017 event in light of the latter’s commendable effort and firm resolution in bravely making investment in this particular industry for the five consecutive years, as well as for rendering the aforementioned event well celebrated both in Thailand and internationally. The result of which will be witnessed soon. In addition, it is such a delight for Thailand to have “Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)” at work in terms of providing support in exhibitions, the efforts of which have already brought to Thailand a great deal of fame as singularly witnessed in such countries as Singapore and Taiwan. The Horticultural Science Society of Thailand is related to Horti ASIA (2017) with respect to the four following horticultural groups: fruit, flowerer, vegetable and herb. The Society will showcase its innovations in its own booth as well. Interested agriculturists please visit the Horticultural Science Society of Thailand’s booth at this event.

Ms.Jaruwan Suwannasart, Director of International Exhibition Industry Division, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), which is a government agency under the administration of the Prime Minister’s Office, and the mission of which is to provide support apropos of the exercise of organizing international trade shows and events together with other activities in Thailand’s ‘MICE’ industry due to its appeal in terms of income generation from foreign sources into the country (Thailand) as in multiple aspects. In addition to the principal objectives of business negotiation at this very event, tourism and hospitality industry as a whole is also expected to experience an increase in revenue; the same could possibly go to transportation/logistics business and others being related to it as well. MICE business reportedly plays a vital role in Thailand’s economic growth in multiple facets. TCEB itself has conduct a study on the economic impacts of MICE industry in Thailand, whereby the finding has revealed that the total value of expenditure within the economy with respect to activities undertaken in the name of MICE business in 2015 amounted to Baht 220,000,000,000. In addition, MICE business also provided for employment accounting for 164,427 job positions in process, 43,865 positions of which, within the entire economy, were derived from trade exhibition activity in particular. The benefits from MICE industry continue in terms of quantitative account, i.e. the buildup of networks, brand creation, as well as the skills being shared among several industries. Year 2017 is expected to witness TCEB’s plan apropos of MICE business operation shining particularly with an endeavor so as to have MICE business placed thereupon in line with the government’s vision, i.e. the focus being made upon the nation’s stable, prosperous and sustainable development, which shall be achieved by propelling the twenty-year plan on MICE national strategic development revolving around the three approaches: income generation, national development by means of innovation, as well as mutual benefits among all sectors within society. MICE business, based upon TCEB’s organizational goal, will become one of the major industries responsible for betterment of the country (Thailand), providing for both revenue and prosperity to be indiscriminately distributed across all regions in Thailand.

Horti ASIA 2017 truly signifies an epitome of an illustrious stage upon which technological developments and innovations are showcased in this region, the phenomenon of which, therefore, shall most likely benefit Thailand in the light of the overview, especially in regard to horticultural industry (flowers included), the result of which in turn shall render the aforementioned industry more robust and more competitive upon the global stage, where fierce competition is certainly no stranger to all. In addition, the success shall effectively help to ensure the beau ideal of Thailand exemplifying the hub of trade shows and events in ASEAN region. TCEB has realized the preponderance of Horti ASIA 2017 as an event to be of use in terms of serviceably propelling the creation of betterment of ‘agricultural business’, which is one of Thailand’s major businesses as well. Therefore, not only does TCEB provide support to the undertaking of overseas marketing activities but also to a series of campaigns such as “Be My Guest”, which is related to lodging and accommodations for foreign buyers who take interest in visiting Horti ASIA 2017, not to mention the economic propulsion within agricultural sector as witnessed in “Connect Businesses” campaign, the latter of whose objectives are to promote the inception of trade negotiations so as to take place at this very event. Year 2017 shall witness the inception of TCEB’s new campaign i.e. “Exhibiz in Market” in light of an effort so as to draw into its MICE crucible a number of associations, those in both private and public sectors (pavilion leader) to participate in a series of international trade shows and events, the phenomenon of which, in the wake of success, is expected to help increase a number of participatory top-tier trade show venues (space) in Thailand accordingly. Note that these campaigns represent merely a fraction of numerous ones being supported by TCEB in this event (Horti ASIA 2017). The objectives are to ensure that Thailand be and continue being the regional leading figure in horticultural industry upon ASEAN community stage.

On the other hand, from the point of view of the organizer, Mr. Nino Gruettke, Managing Director of VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., has revealed that the main theme of this year’s event lies in an endeavor to locate a series of new solutions to the problems and issues apropos of horticultural development in Asia. Which concerns more than 100 leading companies from 20 countries worldwide such as Spain, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, i.e. those from European continent, as well as a group of more familiar neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Taiwan, south Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), etc., and whereby covers  the paradigm of each and every supply-demand chain ranging from pre-cultivation, preparation, harvesting, breeding, fertilization technology, soil condition improvement, cultivation and harvesting technology, temperature control, ventilation, especially in the discipline of greenhouse technology, the last of which is particularly prepared by the European participatory counterpart in light of the exhibition in this event. Note that, more spectacular than others, this year will also witness in the event the organizing of Horti ASIA 2017 in tandem with both AGRITECHNICA ASIA 2017, which is the trade show of technology and innovation of agricultural machinery and equipment, and VIV Asia 2017, which is the trade show that covers horticultural and plantation produces, agricultural technology and animal husbandry — thus signifying the beau ideal of the trifecta indeed. It is estimated that more than 15,000 visitors from Thailand and abroad will have graced the venue over the course of 3 days of the event. For those who would like to visit the event, please pre-register for admittance (free-of-charge) at by using this invitation code: HP2211. (In the case of registration at the event, special code shall not be required; admittance fee is Baht 1,000.)

Public Relations Department: Contact Mrs. Saengtip Techapatiphandee (Rainy)

E-mail: [email protected]. Tel: 02-670-0900 ext. 122.

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