Grow your business with Bejo’s tropical shallots from seed

In most parts of the world growers use seed to grow shallot instead of mini-bulbs. Growing shallot from seed provides growers a solid basis for making a better profit. By using true shallot seed growers can avoid taking huge phytosanitary risks compared to using farm saved shallot bulbs as planting material. The infected bulbs can easily transfer diseases and viruses to the next growing cycle. This can lead to high infection levels on the field and will negatively affect the yield and product quality.  The benefits of true shallot seed versus shallots from bulbs, are significant.

The benefits of shallots from seed

  • Higher yield and profit
  • 100% clean start, virus- and disease free
  • Seeds are year round available
  • Year round affordable and stable seed prices
  • Seeds can easily be stored
  • Strengths of hybrid varieties
  • Start growing in the season of your choice
  • Grow the end product of your choosing: seedlings for transplanting, shallots for consumption and mini-bulbs

Growing shallots from seed

Growing shallot from true shallot seeds is very affordable, has less risks for the grower and provides a solid basis for making a better profit. Growers can choose their best suitable variety and start in the season they like.

Starting from seeds, needs adjustment in the growing method. Growing from seeds means more flexibility; you can grow seedlings for transplanting, shallots for consumption or mini-bulbs.

Our shallot varieties

Our varieties are based on more than 30 years of intensive research and testing to ensure they meet your needs and local conditions. Our top quality tropical shallots from seed, like Tropix and Maserati F1, are bred from Asian genetic sources and offer solutions for the challenges growers face in the tropical conditions of South East Asia.

Come and talk to Bejo representatives at Bejo’s stand E7 at the Dutch pavilion at Horti Asia to discover the many opportunities of true shallot seed and the appropriate varieties for your conditions and wishes.