Naretrends Inc.

Product Name: BANDIBURRI

Description: ‘BANDIBURRI’ SmartFarm is a remote environment control system that facilitates management of greenhouses through state-of-the-art ICT. Through the cloud-based FarmNote service, it provides analysis of sensor data and daily farming logs. Entry-level ‘BANDIBURRI’ is a system that utilizes the automatic switchgear panel and provides remote control through smartphones, allowing a smart farm with reasonable infrastructure cost. Through remote mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), access to the greenhouse can be monitored via CCTV. Temperature, humidity, CO2, and other sensor data can be checked, as well as notifications about power outages, extreme temperatures, intrusion, etc. to prompt appropriate measures. With ‘BANDIBURRI’ Smart Farm, monitoring of greenhouses and poultry farms can be managed effectively, improving productivity and convenience through remote control.

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