Irrigation – Irriforce Mini Travellers & Jet 50 Irrigation Sprinkler


Irriforces can be used in anywhere irrigation is required; you may conveniently use it for irrigation of any agricultural products, any sport sports grounds, lawn irrigation, meadow irrigation and range improvement. Most important factor making such small dimensions of Irriforces is that it is equipped with soft hose. Instead of hard hose of the drum irrigation machines, soft hose is used here. As at is, it only pulls its special hose equivalent to ¼ of its own weight, instead of dragging tons of pipes in weight. And thus energy efficiency maximizes. Higher weight pulled would also affect service life of your machine. And storage and handling costs are also small.


Highly efficient sprinkler rotating in a full-circle or in the range of angle settings you make when required, medium and high pressure (2.0 – 7 bar) and equipped with transmission. With its replaceable nozzles and moving water-breaking system, it enables you to irrigate your field with an excellent and uniform water distribution. It rotates by full-circle and semi-circle at same speed. Thanks to its biggest nozzle of 24mm, it discharges 61 tons of water. As it is, it is a versatile version of our rainguns. It is widely used for fields of corn, sugar beet, potato, alfalfa, wheat, sunflower, etc. It is suitable for any use, agricultural or industrial. It is best-seller professional version we manufacture.

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